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Hyper Blade 2050 is a futuristic text-based sports management simulation video game, set on a future Earth and based on the fictional sport of Hyper Blade. Players will experience the emotions and excitement of professional sports management, whilst being drawn into the rich story of society on an alternative future Earth in 2050. Hyper Blade is currently in development for release on PC.

Game FAQ's:

  • What type of game is Hyper Blade 2050?

    • Hyper Blade 2050 ('Hyper Blade') is a text-based sports management simulation, set on a future Earth and based on the fictional sport of Hyper Blade, which is a combination of ice hockey, handball, and roller derby.

  • What are the key features?

    • In Hyper Blade you take on the role of a head coach, managing your roster of players game-to-game and through their careers, experiencing the emotions, passion, and excitement of professional sports management.

  • What can you tell us about the game world?

    • ​Hyper Blade 2050 is set on a future earth in the year 2050. Following the rapid pace of globalisation, of climate change and of technological change, the world experienced a massive increase in poverty and a decline in living standards for all but the richest in society. This led to immigration on an unprecedented scale, both between nations and from the rural areas to big urban centres, causing existing infrastructure to fail in many places. Populists and demagogues have used technology and social networks to evangelise and organise, and rampant nationalism has taken hold across the globe.

  • What engine is it being developed with?

    • Hyper Blade is being developed using Unity game engine.

  • When will it be released?

    • It will be some time in 2024 but we’re not ready to announce a release date just yet.

  • How much will it cost?

    • ​Details on the price will be confirmed a little closer to release.

  • Will it be available on Mac/Linux?

    • ​The initial game release is planned only for Windows, but this will kept under review.

  • How can I find out more?

    • Please subscribe to our newsletter via the link below to keep updated on Hyper Blade 2050.​

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